Testimonial Laura H.

I truly thought I could do it myself. But eventually I started drowning in the details of my aging father’s care. One thing that bears mentioning up front: I took a 12-month leave of absence from my job so that I could devote myself full-time to his advocacy and care. This involved trying to find a satisfactory assisted living place, selling his house, cars and doing an estate sale, and then trying to coordinate doctors, durable medical equipment companies, pharmacies, home health, etc. The idea was to get him stable so I could resume my own personal and professional life. After 7 months of abject frustration and exhaustion, I finally hired Ariel. She didn’t take over the entire management of his care, she took over the parts that were making my life unmanageable.

I can’t even begin to say how wonderful it was to delegate some of the load to Ariel, and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was being taken care of. She is 100% reliable. She’s honest. She’s kind. And she’s worth every penny. Scrimp on anything but a geriatric case manager. It will save you a LOT in the long run.

Laura H.