Nursing Homes

According to the National Institute of Health, nursing homes are those Austin assisted care facilities that are designed to care for those who are not able to be cared for at home, yet they don’t need to be in a hospital. Some Austin nursing homes are set up and run similar to hospitals, while others follow a more home-type of setting.

Nursing homes differ from some of the other types of Austin care homes in that they provide medical care to the residents. The medical care they provide can range from physical therapy to routine nursing duties. Depending on the nursing home, some may adhere to a daily schedule, while others provide a more relaxed atmosphere with less scheduling.

Unlike many other assisted living options, nursing homes are not just for those who are elderly and need 24-hour medical monitoring. They are for people of all ages that may be helped by living in such an arrangement. Some nursing homes also have special units that care for people with specific conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

At Texas Family Services, we have the inside information on a wide variety of Austin care homes, including nursing homes. We can help you determine which Austin assisted care option is the best one for your situation. Our information includes what services are included, the staff reputation and quality, and the payment options that are available.

Whether you are just beginning to think about assisted living options for your loved one or you are ready to make a decision, we can help you make that decision so that you are comfortable with it. Our mission is to help those in Austin and the surrounding areas with finding the right assisted living or nursing home care for their needs. Contact us today!