How Our Free Service Works

Step 1

Fill out and submit your information on the contact form or call
(512) 574-1722.

Step 2

A member of our team will give you a call to get more details on what your needs are. Then you will be emailed a tailored list of potential communities that will best meet your needs.

Step 3

Schedule tours with potential communities. Your senior housing advisor will be available throughout this process to discuss pros and cons of places your tour and help with the decision making process if needed.


"We discovered there is a whole world of eldercare with a language, practices, laws, all thrown at us while the family was facing…"
Paul C.
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"I can't thank Texas Family Services enough for the help they have given me and my family. A knowledgeable staff that actually cares…"
Randy S.
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"We have been looking for a place for my grandmother that had an onsite staff that would match her needs and the quality of housing…"
Hal R.
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About Texas Family Services

Texas Family Services is a Geriatric Case Management and Housing Referral company that consists of Social Workers and Nurses. We have been working with Austin area seniors in their homes for the past 7 years and are continuing to expand our services to outside locations.

Additionally, we have extensive hospice, home health and case management experience. Texas Family Services would welcome the opportunity to assist anyone with their various psycho-social needs.

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